Monday, April 19, 2004

Volume 2 plus

The fiancee and I saw Kill Bill vol. 2 on Saturday. Volume 1 was better -- more stylish, more intriguing, more creative. This one suffered numerous flaws: too talky (not typical Tarantino rat-a-tat-tat talk but slowed-down idle chatter), too drawn out (the part with Budd getting beat down by his boss at the strip club was notably worthless), too anticlimactic (final showdown is all talk and 45 seconds of action). Ultimately, learning The Bride's name had no impact or relation to the movie -- Tarantino could have kept bleeping it and it would have added to the mystery of her.

Jonathan Last's review in the Weekly Standard website (scroll to Friday April 16) had many salient points.

I thought David Carradine's Bill lacked a lot of the coldness that a cold-blooded killer should have and his silibants threw me off (he sssaysss wordsss with esses with extra sssstressss on the ssss). Nonetheless, it was interesting and Uma Thurman's acting was better in this one than in the previous one and Darryl Hannah did a good turn as an interesting evil b****.

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