Wednesday, April 28, 2004

one for three

One: The Yanks came back from 8-4 down, bottom of the eighth with a 6-run rally against the Oakland bullpen. Losing pitcher Jim Mecir said after the game that he wasn't really that upset because he didn't think he pitched poorly despite giving up four hits and a walk and getting no outs. The sick thing is, he's right -- Bernie Williams started with a solid single, but ARod reached on a seeing-eye hit, Giambi walked on a close pitch, Sheffield scored Williams with a tough infield single and Posada hit a pitcher's pitch (low, outside) for another run-scoring hit. Mecir was pulled and his relief (Ricardo Rincon) did only marginally better. If I was not a Yankees fan, I'd feel bad for the A's because Mecir didn't pitch poorly and still blew a big lead.

In the two near misses: Denver lost to Minnesota in the NBA playoffs after a huge comeback attempt and some choke jobs by the T'Wolves.

Pat Toomey lost to the execrable Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania Republican Senatorial Primary. Yuck.

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