Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Books books books

I've been asked by one of my notsomany readers about the books discussion part of this blog. This will obviously be intermittent, but I keep a decent list of what I've read each of the past 2-3 years. I'll read about two books per month, not much to voracious readers but I have a full-time (and then some) job, other hobbies, high-maintenance fiancee (not really) and watch too much TV (Sopranos, Touching Evil, CSI [original only], Monk, Law & Order(s), 24, Deadwood).

What do I read? Spy stories, fantasy and sci-fi, historical novels, history. Since January 1, 2004, I've read: Asimov's original Foundation trilogy (actually a re-read after 16 years -- it stands up pretty well with 2000 technology), Ed McBain's Money, Money, Money and Fat Ollie's Book, Rafael Sabatini's Captain Blood, Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Tiger, Dave Duncan's Paragon Lost, Charles McCarry's The Last Supper (it's a spy novel, not religious), and Sean Russell's The Initiate Brother. More discussion later, but that's a pretty representative sample. If you can find McCarry, buy The Last Supper -- a very interesting and twisted tale.

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