Thursday, April 22, 2004

Andrew Sullivan is Right

This IS addictive -- the money tracking for the 2004 Presidential contest. You can check this out by county, zip code, state and check on who has donated to whom. Note that of the 10 cities that have contributed the most, six (including the top four) have contributed more to democrats (all of them, not just Kerry), four have contributed more to Pres. Bush. Looking at the money map as an electoral map, however, is a nice thought for supporters of the President. Democrats have collected more money in states worth 157 electoral votes, 51 too close to call, and 330 electoral votes for states where the President has out-raised Democrats.

Note that the richest contributors and largest contributors are for Kerry, not Pres. Bush. Note also that Kerry has received money from less than 4000 zip codes, Pres. Bush's support has come from nearly 11,000 zip codes. Thanks to Sullivan for pointing the way.

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