Monday, April 12, 2004

Andrew Sullivan off the deep end

I've lost a good deal of respect for Andrew Sullivan over the past few months. Basically, Sullivan used to continually harp on the "big picture" of the war on terror as the primary reason to decide on one presidential candidate. But since February or so, Sullivan has lost his moorings. He's basically equated President Bush's stance on gay marriage with Bull Connor sending the hounds after blacks in the deep South. This comparison makes no sense -- gays aren't being lynched, there is no separation of facilities, gays are fully integrated in daily life, etc. The lone difference is "gay marriage". Regardless of your view as to the legitimacy of gay marriage or civil unions or whatever, forcing two committed homosexuals to live in a Susan Sarandon-Tim Robbins arrangement is not a civil rights violation that merits comparisons to water-hosing sit-ins at lunch counters.

Sullivan's crusade has now shifted his politics. He is advocating Kerry for President in every way he can without coming out and endorsing Kerry (that's forthcoming in October or so). Kathryn Lopez of National Review has exposed Sullivan on this multiple times. Sullivan himself has essentially done so now in his Sunday Times article (link on left column of Sullivan's site) wherein he writes a little script for Kerry on the theme of "Bush started the Iraq war and I'm the man to finish it." Pundits don't put words that the candidate (or politician) should into candidates' mouths unless the pundit is trying to help the candidate. Conservatives tell Pres. Bush what he should say all the time; ditto liberals and Kerry.

Ultimately, Kerry has no credibility on the Iraq issue. He voted against the Gulf War in 1990, then complained that Saddam remained in power. He voted for authorizing force in 2002, then claimed he only authorized the "threat" of force (despite the clear language of the resolution). Kerry then voted against additional funding for the troops (after he voted for it, as he admitted). Moreover, Kerry has voted against funding for 10 of the most important weapons systems or military vehicles the troops have used in Iraq as Mark Steyn demonstrates (scroll midway down the page). And, Kerry voted to cut funding for the intelligence services in the 1990s. Sullivan wants Kerry for president now based upon Sullivan's petulance on the gay marriage issue. So much for the big picture.

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