Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Islamization of Canada

Here's a worrying report: bringing shari'a law to Canada. That's the Islamic law practice (shari'a) that endorses stonings of married women who get raped, honor killings, execution of apostates (Muslims who question orthodoxy), etc. This quote is the most telling because it shows how Canada is bending over backwards to make Muslims feel comfortable but doesn't know what it is really getting into:

Homa Hoodfar, a professor of anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, complained that there was little public discussion before the tribunals were created. "This vague idea of sharia court is what bugs me," Hoodfar said. "Because having worked on sharia law and family law in the Middle East, I know there is no one set [of laws]. Which country will they use as a basis? They don't answer. But also, the Canadian government does not question. They think sharia law is written in the Koran. But sharia is the interpretation of the law and practices."

Hoodfar said she was concerned that recent female immigrants could be forced into participating in tribunals and possibly victimized because they don't speak English or are not aware of their legal rights. "It won't affect my life or educated women who know their rights," Hoodfar said. "It will affect the rights of women who are new and need protection. They are much more subject to community pressure."

hat-tip = Andrew Sullivan

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