Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Brit Hume, national treasure

Brit Hume is far and away the best anchor on TV news. Peter Jennings is an odious anti-American wretch, Brokaw is more hat than cattle to paraphrase what some folks would say in the Southwest, and Dan Rather is either pure petulance or semi-conscious (the only reason anyone knows Rather has a personality is because Letterman has drawn it out of him). As for bias: Jennings is blatantly anti-American, Rather is goofy in his closet liberalism, Brokaw is probably the straightest shooter of the bunch. But you need to ask, given the immense conflict-of-interest that Jamie Gorelick has (see my posts below), and how prominently that conflict was displayed by the 1995 Gorelick memo in yesterday's 9-11 hearings, why none of the networks discussed that memo. Only Hume brought it up as an issue (Brokaw brought it up in a "blame game" context) -- and it is a huge one.

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