Thursday, April 22, 2004

Mo Clarett, redux

Maurice Clarett's application to Justice Ginsburg was denied. That's no surprise because Clarett really has no case for entering THE SPECIFIC NFL Draft that will be held Saturday and Sunday. As I said before, he's challenging the work eligibility rules and any harm he may suffer by not being in the regular draft will be rectified by a supplemental draft.

Interesting side note: local sportstalk guy was querying Prof. Gary Roberts of Tulane Law School (not the Toronto Maple Leafs' forward) about the Clarett case. Roberts said that the NFL should really win this in a slam dunk because there is Supreme Court cases on its side. But Judge Scheindlin's decision for Clarett didn't surprise him because "nothing judges do really surprise me anymore . . . what surprised me was how wrong she was on the law."

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