Sunday, April 25, 2004


To all the Yankees hitters. Between yesterday and today, the Yanks pitchers gave up 5 runs (4 earned) in 21 innings to what was the best-hitting team in baseball last year (and doesn't suck this year), including 0-20 with runners in scoring position yesterday. The Yanks hitters, in those same 21 innings, recorded 8 hits. The Yanks' 8-11 start is their worst since 1997, the last year they did not win the AL East. The team currently is one of the WORST in baseball.

The Yanks have 18 of their next 21 against Oakland, Anaheim and Seattle, so they cannot afford to wallow in this weekend's fiasco. Other than the woeful Blue Jays, Boston does not play a team that finished >.500 last year again until late May. In other words, the Yanks will not catch the Redsux any time soon. Therefore, the Yanks need only to worry about themselves and do what they have to do -- suck measurably less.

In '97, the Yanks started 5-10, were 4 games back by the end of April, 8.5 games out by the end of May, lost their first seven games against Baltimore, and 8 of 12 total against the O's after winning 10 of 13 in '96. They finished two games behind the Orioles. In other words, there is still time and opportunity, they just need to alleviate the stench emanating from the large edifice on the Harlem River.

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