Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Conflict of Interest

It's bad enough that the Democrats selected partisan shill Richard Ben-Veniste as a Commissioner on the 9-11 Commission. They also picked Jamie Gorelick -- a top deputy in the Janet Reno Justice Department. Gorelick was "an architect of the government's self-imposed procedural wall, intentionally erected to prevent intelligence agents from pooling information with their law-enforcement counterparts" -- that is, she was involved in establishing the wall between CIA and FBI agents and evidence-sharing that prevented the agencies from pooling their information. Given the information brought to light by Andrew McCarthy (link above), there are two questions about Ms. Gorelick: (1) is she conflicted out of serving on the Commission, (2) was she picked for the Commission to prevent inquiry into her actions and policies that hindered effective counterterrorism investigation during the Clinton Administration?

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