Friday, March 04, 2005

More Humor on the Right

Does the Supreme Court lunacy know no bounds? Check out the report linked in the title of this post, here's an excerpt:

In a far-reaching decision that will likely create complicated consequences for the American livestock and wedding-planning industries, the Supreme Court this morning ruled 5-4 that all US marriage dowries "must include three non-diseased oxen."

Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy cited "the weight of the expansive penumbra surrounding the historically emerging and prevailing opinions of tribal shamans from Lesotho to Myanamar" in issuing the historic ruling in American Cattleman Association vs. Modern Bride, Helverson, et al.

In a scathing and sometimes caustic dissent, Judge Antonin Scalia wrote that "Holy. Freakin'. Sh*t."

Sounds about right.

The "report" is a post from Iowahawk that (un)subtly demonstrates the idiocy of the Supreme Court's recent Roper opinion.

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