Monday, March 28, 2005

Throw Kojo under the bus

That's Kofi Annan's reaction to new revelations that he met with representatives of Cotecna Inspection, SA, a company that aided and abetted the Oil-for-Fraud scam that enriched Saddam and the UN. Cotecna employed Annan's son, Kojo, and paid Kojo even after he left the company when it won the UN contract for supplying the Saddamite regime. The blame-Kojo strategy is designed to deflect criticism from Kofi Annan, as The Australian describes:
UN officials are hoping to deflect criticism of the UN chief by insisting that his son, Kojo, 29, misled him about payments that Kojo Annan received from a UN contractor.

Beautiful: a defense calculated to appeal to the pro-UN left (it's the son's fault!) while completely failing to sway anyone who already views the UN as a corrupt cesspool.

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