Thursday, March 31, 2005

The New Middle East = a rational man's view?

Nice column today that starts out:

If George W. Bush were to discover a cure for cancer, his critics would denounce him for having done it unilaterally, without adequate consultation, with a crude disregard for the sensibilities of others. He pursued his goal obstinately, they would say, without filtering his thoughts through the medical research establishment. And he didn't share his research with competing labs and thus caused resentment among other scientists who didn't have the resources or the bold--perhaps even somewhat reckless--instincts to pursue the task as he did. And he completely ignored the World Health Organization, showing his contempt for international institutions. Anyway, a cure for cancer is all fine and nice, but what about AIDS?

No, the president has not discovered a cure for cancer. But there is a pathology, a historical pathology, that he has attacked with unprecedented vigor and with unprecedented success. I refer, of course, to the political culture of the Middle East . . .

That seems to capture the spirit and thought processes of the Left, the Europeans and the UN. Who wrote it? Some conservative like George Will, Mark Steyn, Charles Krauthammer or Caroline Glick?


Martin Peretz, publisher of THE liberal thinking-person's magazine, The New Republic.

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