Saturday, March 26, 2005

Revolutionary Stirrings and UN depravity

First, the horrors of the UN. In this article The Australian reveals the depravity of Jordanian troops assigned to East Timor in 2001 as part of a UN peacekeeping mission and the UN's cover-up of the Jordanian paedophilia and bestiality. HT: Little Green Footballs.

Next, the stirrings of democracy: (1) hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Taiwan to protest China's recent anti-secession law that sanctions the use of force to "reunite" Taiwan with the mainland. (2) In Kyrgystan, protestors against a fixed election led to the overthrow of the Kyrgys' lone post-Soviet ruler. The US is trying to coordinate efforts to stabilize that nation and ensure a true democratic transition. (3) In Ukraine's neighbor Belarus, opposition politicians and businessmen (to the extent Belarus's dictator Lukashenko allows them to exist) tried to coordinate pro-opposition rallies against the current government, but those seem to have been supressed. The fact that such rallies occurred is good news.

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