Tuesday, March 22, 2005

An American Hawk in London

Ralph Peters is in Europe this week and wrote a nice column zinging the Eurosophist Left. Some excerpts:

I SPENT last week in Europe watching acrobats perform. There were no high-wires or circus tents — just left-wing intellectuals contorting themselves into bizarre shapes as they "explained" the changing Middle East.

* * *
Presented with irrefutable evidence of the success of that incoherent cowboy in the White House, the brilliant minds of Europe are glummer than they've been since the Berlin Wall came down (that really hurt).

What intellectuals long for is an audience. And ever fewer people are paying attention. The workers and peasants have lost their faith in the central committee.

But the best zap is this one:

It's even getting tough to stage a decent anti-American protest. Despite the overblown media coverage, the "massive" rallies on the eve of Iraq's liberation were small compared to those of the glorious Cold War years when Moscow still provided a beacon of hope [while] American troops defended Jean-Paul Sartre's right to defend Comrade Stalin.

Welcome back home, Mr. Peters.

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