Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wongdoer for President

The Wongdoer turns 35 today, so he is now eligible to run for President. We could do worse.

Think of it: the first-ever Asian-American Republican Presidential candidate. Harvard graduate, economics and government concentrations, SATs in the wow range (1500, that's 2250 in the current system for all you kids out there), son of immigrants who sacrificed so he could prosper (and he took the ball and ran with it), punched above his weight class in marriage, kids entirely too cute for his genetics, brilliant by association with the founder of this website, etc., etc.

Biggest downside: he's only 5'8" -- that's Dukakis' height. Then again, GWB is only 5' 10" or so (as then-Governor Bush said in response to a query of whether he can relate to the "little guy", "my brother [Jeb] is 6' 5", I am the little guy" -- see Journeys with George). Also, he may not be willing to take the pay cut (at least he'd have no expenses, even with those little monsters angels).

Biggest upside: Wongdoerette is a wife-and-mother-and-professional -- that's red-state and blue-state all in one.

Time to ramp up the campaign so the Wongdoer can appoint me to a federal judgeship.

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