Monday, March 28, 2005

Early roundup

Some articles to peruse at your lunch break.

First, Jackson Diehl discusses the slander laws that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has enacted and the Chavez regime's increasing totalitarianism. Otto Reich calls Castro and Chavez a new axis of evil in the April 11, 2004 National Review -- if you have a subscription, check out the article online here; if not, buy the issue when it hits newsstands.

Second, Orson Scott Card is a moderate Democrat, incisive thinker, and one of the better ethicists writing today (read Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, his two Hugo and Nebula award winners). He discusses the Schiavo situation in an article reprinted here.

Third, Arnold Schwarzenegger is poised to become one of the most consequential governors in California history. Dan Balz reports on recent developments here.

Fourth, Douglas Rogers grew up in Zimbabwe and left. His parents stayed. He recently visited and wrote about what he saw in that nightmare of mismanagement and corruption.

That should get you started.

NCAA analysis to come soon.

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