Friday, March 04, 2005

Academic Nonsense II

Colorado radio host Mike Rosen thanks Ward Churchill for bringing to the forefront the overarching problem in academia today -- the rampant liberal and politically correct bias that made serious intellectual study and research a rare occurrence.

Richard Rorty is a philosophy professor at the University of Virginia. He's also editor of an unabashedly socialist magazine, Dissent, and a hero of the academic left. Here's his political assessment of academe: "The power base of the Left in America is now in the universities, since the trade unions have largely been killed off. The universities have done a lot of good work by setting up, for example, African-American studies programs, Women's Studies programs, and Gay and Lesbian Studies programs. They have created power bases for these movements." [emphases mine]

As we noted here, these ethnic and gender studies 'departments' are nothing but quasi-religious, remarkably intolerant advocacy groups.

Rosen rips CU faculty for demanding a stop to investigations on Churchill's plagiarism, dubious scholarship and then floats an idea to make the University of Colorado an institution of scholarship - make it a shining beacon of conservative thought.

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