Thursday, March 24, 2005

Score one for The Monk

Just watched Louisville spank Washington. Nice job by the Cards and the way they effortlessly broke the Washington press at the end of the game demonstrated how well-coached Louisville is and how versatile that team is because the main distributor at midcourt (who would advance the ball to the key and look to drive or distribute to a finisher against the back of the press) was Louisville's thick-and-powerful 6-7, 245 center Ellis Myles (8 pts, 13 rebs and team-high 6 assists).

Add the accurate bombing from Francisco Garcia and Taquan Dean, the athleticism of Larry O'Bannon (with a great turnaround-hang-get-bumped-hit-the-shot jumper) and a 2-3 zone defense that gave Ga. Tech and Washington fits, and Louisville resembles its gaudy 31-4 record more than its undeservedly low #4 seed.

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