Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Domino Effect

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that the Lebanese Cedar Revolution is having repercussions in . . . Syria! Leading Syrian intellectuals are bashing Boy Assad and calling for Syria to withdraw its armed forces from Lebanon. In other words, freedom is on the march, and who should get credit? The imbecilechimpmoron that the Left despises -- President Bush!


Now for some other info from the Middle East:

Kathryn Lopez's interview with Farid Ghadry, head of the US-based Syrian Reform Party (an anti-Ba'athist group), shows how the Cedar Revolution is giving hope to people in TWO countries.

Austin Bay shows that American values are not alien to the Arab world, but they are a mystery that is becoming demystified.

And the Daily Star of Lebanon notes that the Cedarites have learned some lessons from Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Instapundit shows some of the nicer faces of Lebanon's revolutionaries, and Stop the Bleating has a collage of Lebanon's fairer sex rallying for democracy.

Naturally, the pic above is our favorite of the lot. C'mon now, she's definitely worth seeing again.

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