Monday, January 24, 2005

Who are we?

After nearly nine months of blogging, you're entitled to some knowledge at the least; thus, a who's who at The Key Monk.

The Monk: I am the founder and title-poster of The Key Monk. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, went to the best high school in NYC (and it's not Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, Collegiate, Dalton, Fieldston or Brooklyn Tech), was bowled over by a visit to U.Va. and went there for college as an Echols Scholar (BA, Foreign Affairs). While at U.Va., I worked for the Cavalier Daily newspaper for all four years, so I know the journalism business. No fewer than five of the associate editors who worked under me while I was Sports Editor became "professional" journalists. Thereafter, a stint in law school (including a concurrent position for a year at the Veterans Legal Services Project) ultimately leading to my various positions as an attorney in Texas. I am engaged to the Monkette2B and we have a house, no real yard and two moody and codependent cats (dogs eat their own poo; no dogs). I've known Wongdoer for more than 22 years. I'm a diehard Yankees fan, Giants fan, Syracuse hoops fan and Penn State football fan (and that last has been a dry hole this past 1/2 decade), and I root for U.Va. sports too.

Wongdoer: an executive of a major international banking institution and former currency trader who went to the same high school as I did and graduated Harvard the same year I graduated U.Va. He has economics knowledge, understands currency and financial markets and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He grew up in NYC and lives there today with his wife (also a classmate of ours) and two Wonglings (and thank G-D the girl looks like her momma). He is useful because he is able to procure Yankees playoff tickets; we saw the clincher together when the Yanks swept the sorrya-s Braves in 1999. He is a diehard Yankees fan, Jets fan (don't ask), and his shifting allegiances in college sports are less stable than a 1980s Italian Parliament; although he claims to be a lifelong 'Bama football fan and only to have become a Duke hoops bandwagoner after the thugathon that was 1980s Georgetown (which he worshipped) went in the tank.

Anyway, that's the basics. You can obtain more info by emailing me at my email address: (The Monk) and (Wongdoer, duh).

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