Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Milwaukee, it's the new Chicago

In 1960, the dead voted en masse in Cook County, Illinois, helping provide the statewide margin of victory that John F. Kennedy needed to win the state.

In 2000 and 2004, ghosts of another variety voted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Enough known ghosts voted such that they establish the majority of the vote gap between the Democratic Presidential Candidate and George W. Bush. Combined with Wisconsin's statewide Fraudulent Vote Enabling Act (aka Same Day Registration law, see here for a link to a description of the statute), and the unverifiable frauds in other cities (Madison, Racine, etc.), it seems Wisconsin is the heartland's own version of Ukraine, circa November 2004. And this doesn't even count the dirty tricks by Dems, such as slashing tires of Republican Get Out the Vote vans.

Remember, in 2000 Gore activists were giving out food and other perquisites (cigarettes, booze) for homeless people to go to the polls in Milwaukee and vote for RobotMan. The unverifiable same-day registrants in Milwaukee exceeded Gore's total victory margin in the state -- that reeks of fraud.

In both 2000 and 2004, the number of same-day voting registrants were 30% or more of the total vote count in Milwaukee. Wisconsin does not throw voters off the rolls from one presidential election to the next, so something is amiss -- what city has that kind of massive turnover in a four-year period (other than NYC in the 70s)?

In fact, the situation in Wisco is so bad, even some liberals are noticing that nearly 11,000 unverifiable votes in Milwaukee alone, combined with an 11,384-vote margin of victory for Kerry doesn't quite pass the smell test . . .

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