Thursday, January 20, 2005

Happy Inauguration Day!!!!!

It's January 20 in the year after a leap-year and that means Inauguration Day. Today is the Second Inauguration of the 43rd President of the United States, George Walker Bush. And a fine day it is.

Smile conservatives and rejoice! There is hope for this country for the next four years: we have a man of principle and character in the White House, not a Carter-lite stealth socialist liberal whose greatest talent is marrying rich women. There is possibility in this term: an unfettered victory plus the power of the bully pulpit can allow the President to (1) change our sclerotic Social Security plan so that people my age can actually benefit from the thousands of dollars they each sink into the system every year, (2) strengthen our winning hand in the war on terrorists, (3) appoint multiple Supreme Court justices who will have the strength and intelligence to turn back the tide of jurisprudential rubbish that has swamped our courts. Those would be the three things I want from this presidential term.

So enjoy. We got our man four more years to govern. Let's hope he does so wisely.

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