Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh Just Shut Up

From the whiny-a** bee-yotch files comes this entry on Halle Berry. She's complaining that Hollywood is racist and there are no opportunities for an actress of colour.

Here are her salaries from her last five movies, courtesy

Catwoman (2004) = $14,000,000
Die Another Day (2002) = $4,000,000
Monster's Ball (2001) = $600,000
Swordfish (2001) = $2,500,000
Executive Decision (1996) = $1,000,000

She won the Oscar for Monster's Ball, which was a low-budget film. She sucked in the rest of those flicks and received $21.5M to do so -- and the list doesn't even include Gothika, for which Berry reaped another big payday for a crap film.

Now she says, according to the article linked above, that "she struggles to find work and is now being forced to make and star in her own films to survive."

WHAT? Give me $21.5 M over the next eight years and I'll survive very nicely, thankyouverymuch.

Berry also claims she's been called a [n-word] to her face, which is heinous if true. Berry has also occasionally had an estranged relationship with the truth (she has accused both an ex-boyfriend [not Wesley Snipes, see below] and her ex-husband David Justice of physically assaulting her, neither charge has ever held water; but she has in fact lost most of the hearing in one ear after physical abuse from a different ex-boyfriend, actor Wesley Snipes; to The Monk's knowledge, Snipes has not challenged the accusation). So are her claims true, valid or rubbish?

Rubbish. A racist Hollywood would not have three black actors nominated for four of the 10 Best Actor (lead and supporting) spots (remember, Jamie Foxx hit a double here). A racist Hollywood would not have a Latina up for Best Actress in a virtually unseen movie while also having an unknown black woman (Sophie Okonedo) nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

So Halle, please shut up.

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