Monday, January 10, 2005

European failure in Iran

This is what happens when the US leaves important matters up to the talk-talk-talk Europeans who don't care a whit about whether actions speak louder than words on paper:
Iran may resume uranium enrichment -- which can be used to make atomic bombs -- in March if talks with the European Union (news - web sites) fail to yield satisfactory progress, a senior Iranian security official said Monday.

If the talks go well, Hossein Mousavian told Reuters Tehran was prepared to extend until June the enrichment freeze it began in late November in an effort to disprove U.S. accusations it is seeking nuclear weapons.

In other words, if the Euros cave in to Iran's next set of demands, the Iranians will deign to halt enrichment for all of 90 days.

The US needs to take over this situation because the Europeans will never get anything useful accomplished other than "assurances" worth no more than the air exhaled to provide them.

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