Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not my fault

Opinion Journal discusses a "handling it internally" approach to a memo scandal from the mid-90s that you never heard of: the infiltration of the House Committee on International Relations' Majority (Republican) computer files by a Minority (Democratic) staffer, who printed and faxed two draft memos to Strobe Talbott, Clinton's No. 2 at State. Talbott confronted Committee Chairman Benji Gilman about them, and that's how Gilman discovered the leak.

The leaker is a former associate sports editor (under me during my time as Sports Editor) at the Cavalier Daily at U.Va., and the former Editorial Page Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the paper. I take no responsibility for his actions or political rectal-cranial reversal syndrome (not that such was rare: the Editor-in-Chief in my last year on the paper went straight from college to the Clinton campaign -- I saw him dancing a jig with the partiers in Little Rock on Election Day 1992).

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