Thursday, January 27, 2005

Condoleeza Rice 85, liberal nutter senators 13

In the wake of Condoleeza Rice's 85-13 nomination confirmation vote, Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) spanked the left-wing wackos in the Senate:
I want to step back and say to my fellow Senators and those listening: What if today we were considering for Senate approval Secretary of State Colin Powell? Just think with me. He is the nominee. He is being reconfirmed for Secretary of State. What would the Senators who were here talking about Condoleezza Rice or our President intentionally misleading, being a liar, implying they had information they withheld, what would they say about Colin Powell?

On a certain day, Colin Powell appeared before the United Nations. Remember that day? February 5, 2003 . . . I think millions and millions of people remember it: maps, overviews, a firm statement by him about weapons of mass destruction . . . I believe that neither Senators nor the people of America would believe he was not telling the truth.

* * *
There is no evidence whatsoever that Colin Powell lied, that he was misleading us, that Condoleezza Rice was a part of a policy to mislead the American people, nor that the President was. They all had the same information. One would not think that from what we have heard on the floor. One would not think that as you hear those who want to deny her this nomination.

Frankly, that argument does not wash. It is not consistent with reality. It is dreamed up. It is political. It is for no other reason than to insert false and untrue information and facts into this discussion.

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