Monday, January 31, 2005

Actually, it's a fiasco

BoifromTroy notes that the Iraqi voting turnout of 72% is actually between 27-28% LOWER than the last Iraq election in 2002 and that the unity shown by the Iraqi polity three years ago in uniformly voting for Saddam Hussein has been shattered in the 2005 election.

QUICK -- someone call Jimmy Carter! This is a complete fiasco! This cannot be legitimate: more than one candidate receiving votes? Less than a 95% voter turnout? How could the US fail to ensure that the Iraqi turnout would not reach the old USSR benchmark? Who's been disenfranchised? For Pete's sake, those turnout and multiple party aspects resemble Canada or Australia or Britain!

H*ll in a handbasket says The Monk. That's where this world is going.

HT: the Volokhians.

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