Friday, January 21, 2005

Milwaukee = Chicago II

More evidence that Milwaukee is the new Chicago when it comes to ineligible voters casting their ballots:
A [Milwaukee] Journal Sentinel review shows that the city's records list 269,212 people - those with confirmed addresses or who could be sent verification cards - as voting, while 277,535 ballots were cast. That suggests a gap of 8,323 voters who cannot be sent the cards.

I like how the Milwaukee commission investigating the Milwaukee vote fraud "includes Lisa Artison, executive director of the Election Commission." That's like having Mary Mapes or Dan Rather on the Thornburgh-Boccardi investigation panel or Jamie Gorelick on the 9-11 Commission (oh wait, that happened). And Artison (rhymes with "partisan," natch) has previously stated that those calling for an investigation have an agenda at work: "'I think clearly there is an agenda at work here,'" Artison said of criticism she has faced. "'Our agenda is conducting elections within the law.'"

Earth to Ms. Artison: if you had more than 8,000 fraudulent ballots cast that you allowed to be counted, then you didn't conduct the election within the law.


HT: the Cap'n.

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