Monday, January 31, 2005

The Party of No

The Democrats have nothing: no ideas, no policies, no guiding principles, no decency to even muster congratulatory pabulum after the Iraqi election (unlike the French, Germans and UN who all uttered congratulatory statements, and no ability to work with Republicans, period.

At the time of her nomination, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's jurisprudence was some of the most highly controversial legal thinking that would be represented on the Supreme Court. Her nomination passed 96-3 through a Republican Senate upon her nomination by a Democrat president. Similarly, Justice Breyer's nomination waltzed through by about 91-7.

Not so anyone who President Bush nominates: as the Washington Times reports, the People for the American Way (HA!) are gearing up for a full-on battle against any Supreme Court nominee. This time, however, unlike playing defense against spurious character assassinations of Robert Bork (lost 42-58) and Clarence Thomas (won 52-48), the Republicans will fight back. And well they should:
Supporters of President Bush's judicial nominees have hired the same media firm used by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for their efforts to defend the next nominee for any upcoming Supreme Court vacancy.

The aggressive media style of Creative Response Concepts (CRC) will be met by a "war room" already set up by the liberal People For the American Way (PFAW) on the other side, indicating that the next Supreme Court fight is likely to be one of the nastiest in history.

Reaction by uberliberal Ralph Neas -- the string-puller of the Democratic Senatorial marionette: we've been waiting for this fight.

Time for the Republicans to actually win one.

HT: Volokhians and Cap'n Ed.

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