Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hamstringing the War on Terror

Charles Graner got ten years and he deserved it for his puerile and idiotic actions which brought disrepute and dishonor to the US armed forces and the country itself. Opinion Journal points out that the severity of the sentence and the utter lack of any indication of a grand conspiracy of torture and humiliation at the trial guts the liberal anti-war effort to paint "an Abu Ghraib narrative" that starts with Bush and Alberto Gonzales which led directly to Abu Ghraib.

This of course doesn't stop folks like loony-left Illinois Senator Dick Durbin from wanting the Pentagon to report exactly what interrogation methods would be used. I cannot imagine a more effective way to hamstring the war in Iraq and the war on terror then by requiring the Army to document its methods - and - don't forget we aren't allowed to torture or injure prisoners so basically we may never get an iota of useful information from prisoners again.

WorldNetDaily has a piece on how the flow of information from Iraqi prisoners has been reduced to a trickle thanks to the new restrictions that US armed forces face in interrogation. Naturally the Left doesn't want to hear that ineffective interrogation leads directly to the death of Iraqi citizens and US soldiers.

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