Monday, November 29, 2004

Welcome back, and some lunchtime reads

That's welcome back to me, and to you, as The Monk gets off his tryptophan'd arse and gets back to his non-paying hobby (that's this blog). Thanks to the Wongdoer for being only semi-useless over the weekend (one post? This is what I pay you for? Oh, that's right, Wongdoer gets the same comp I do, and he's worth every penny). Meanwhile, The Monk dealt with barely having internet service whilst at the home of MaMonk and PaMonk -- they're still working off a G3 iMac The Monk bought them five years ago. MaMonk and PaMonk are so averse to technological change that they complain the Model T was such a nice car they'd still drive it if they could get parts (although MaMonk would regret buying something from that Nazi bastard, Henry Ford).

Anyway, here are some articles for your lunch break or, if you're unionized, your 60-minute coffee break:

First and foremost, Michael Ledeen on Europe as Iran's willing dupe. A recent AP report referenced here also adds to worries about how soon Iran will get the BOMB, with Europe's help and Bush's nonaction.

Next, Bret Stephens shows why the Jerusalem Post's loss is the WSJ's gain as he writes on the role of the President's Cabinet and the dopey concepts put forth by liberals pining for Colin Powell.

And Reuben Johnson's essay on the events in Ukraine is a must, especially if you're a half-step behind on this (dang tryptophan) like The Monk. You can read his earlier essay on the Ukrainian elections here. Too bad you probably cannot retrieve David Satter's op-ed on the "Communist Curse," which is here, unless you have a subscription to the WSJ online.

That'll get you started. And me too.

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