Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dan Rather Down

Dan Rather, the embattled anchor of CBS' flagship Evening News, will be stepping down as anchor and managing editor on March 9, 24 years to the day after he succeeded Walter Cronkite.

Rather appears to be bailing out ahead of a report due next month on the discredited Bush National Guard story. No successor has been announced.


Rather will continue to work on pieces for 60 Minutes II, no word on if they will target Republicans generally or just the Bushes. Here is Andrew Sullivan on Rather's semi-retirement:

Rather's tenure as CBS anchor was bound to end some time soon. Big deal. A simple question: How can you rehire a man for Sixty Minutes when you haven't even published your own investigation into the journalistic meltdown [on 60 Minutes II] that he presided over? Shouldn't you wait until you know what actually happened before you declare that someone will stay on full-time? And how long does such an investigation take, for Pete's sake? My bulls[--]t detector just went through the roof on this one.

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