Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Afterglow of Victory

Here's some lunchtime reading material The Monk printed out at work, and which should be interesting for you regarding the impact and importance of the Bush victory.

First, Ramesh Ponnuru says bugger the "unity" nonsense -- Bush should govern boldly.

Then, the WSJ and Peggy Noonan examine the impact of the Bush victory.

Andy McCarthy, always required reading, puts the importance of the election most succinctly: "Tuesday, America herself was on the line. America prevailed."

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn dances on the graves of the Democrats.

In the Captain's 1/4s, his sidekick notes that for a divided nation, we seem awfully united. The proof is in the picture she displays -- the county-by-county map of presidential vote tallies. Meanwhile the Cap'n himself notes that the NoKors suddenly want to resume discussions on their nuke programs, think the election had something to do with that?

And Will Collier notes how the Kerry campaign's exit poll leaks to sympathetic leftie bloggers (Daily Kos, Wonkette, Atrios) backfired. I had wondered why Daily Kos had all those "exit poll" numbers firsthand, and kept updating them, but NRO was relegated to getting those numbers second-hand from Drudge.

Anyway, read and enjoy.

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