Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Lunchtime reading

Some good pieces for the lunch break. Lots of it on NRO.

First, Barbara Lerner says that there are many places outside the US where Bush's re-election was celebrated; Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Berlin do not a continent make.

Next, for equal time sake, read Specter's self-defense on Opinion Journal. He obviously feels the heat, but I trust him as far as I trust Tom Daschle. Those Kerry/Specter yard signs should seal the deal from the Senate Republicans' perspective -- Specter's failure to condemn those and to campaign for Bush in Pennsylvania are cardinal sins.

In contrast, read Andy McCarthy on the trouble with Roe v. Wade (not its substantive ruling, but how the decision was reached and what the ruling portends) and the corresponding trouble with Specter. This is not just an pro-abortion/anti-abortion issue.

Also notable: Shannen Coffin's eulogy to Ashcroft's tenure as AG, and Jonah Goldberg's column distinguishing conservatives (like The Monk) from Republicans, whilst noting that Republicans are closer to the conservatives' views than any Democrat.

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