Monday, November 01, 2004

Take your smart pills today

Two mind vitamins.

First, Jay Cost's excellent blog on the election and polling issues has this analysis of the Florida 2000 final tally and recount myths.

Then read Tim Cavanaugh's take-down of Michael Ignatieff, Fareed Zakaria, Andrew Sullivan, Fred Kaplan and other liberal hawks for first championing the second Iraq war and then turning around and decrying it. Here is Cavanaugh's best line:

. . . if the liberal hawks honestly thought the war could be conducted without brutality, they were merely naïve. If, however, they are not so much disappointed in the war as tired of Bush, they are something worse. I'm not going to prescribe how anybody should vote, but are there any issues of greater moment than the invasion of Iraq? What is the case for turning out a president who delivered something of such importance to people who say they wanted it? That Bush supported the Federal Marriage Amendment? That No Child Left Behind is underfunded? That Michael Powell has been too rough on Howard Stern? Are these the same people who spent the last three years reminding me that there's a war on?

Read them both.

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