Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Terrorists shot a hooded woman believed to be British aid worker Margaret Hassan who did nothing but devote 30 years to helping Iraqis, opposed sanctions and opposed Operation Iraqi Freedom. Yet she was kidnapped in a futile effort to force the UK government to capitulate to unreasonable demands. Captain's Quarters eloquently expresses the depravity of this act and the scum who did it:

...Kidnapping civilians as hostages paints a cowardly enough picture of Islamist lunatics, and carving their heads off for the camera makes them look almost infantile in their perversity. Putting a bullet into a woman's hooded head is so cowardly that it takes one's breath away. Together with the discovery of the Polish woman's mutilated and disemboweled corpse yesterday and it's difficult to conclude anything except that those responsible have to be tracked down and killed at all costs.

These are not freedom fighters or Minutemen, as Michael Moore notoriously proclaimed them earlier; these aren't even animals, as animals kill to eat or defend themselves. I can only describe them as ghouls, living demons who live to smell the blood of others in what appears to be some pseudosexual release. They live without a shred of honor or dignity, and like any other psychopath, only derive pleasure from the torture of others. [emphasis mine]

We can never take the pressure off of these "people." No matter what we do, they will never stop killing, and if we're not careful they'll come here for their next victims. Only when we have stamped the last of these sick bastards into the next world will we have any security in this one.
That's calling it like it is.

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