Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Smarten up: the threat from Iran

The NYT reports that an Iranian exile group, which has given accurate information in the past (i.e., still has contacts in the Iranian government), has reported that:

Iran obtained weapons-grade uranium and a design for a nuclear bomb from a Pakistani scientist [A.Q. Khan, the father of the Pakistani bomb -- TKM] who has admitted to selling nuclear secrets abroad . . .

The group, [which] has given accurate information before, also said Iran is secretly enriching uranium at a military site previously unknown to the U.N., despite promising France, Britain and Germany that it would halt all such work.

The Iranian promises to the EU-3 group are worthless: the Iranians agreed only to a temporary cessation of enrichment and would still collect a certain uranium gas from centrifuge operations designed to increase energy output (the putative use for nuclear power in Iran is France's most common use: generating electricity). That gas can be enriched to the necessary uranium grade used in nuclear weapons. Essentially, Iran openly agreed to go nuclear later at some indeterminate time. And, of course, the Iranians are continuing their quest for the bomb secretly while telling the Euros to "look at what we say, not what we do."

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