Thursday, November 11, 2004

More on the Dead Terrorist

Check out Honest Reporting's report on the life and times of terrorist totalitarian murderer Yassir Arafat. "Dark legacy" is a nice understatement.

BTW, Suha Arafat used to be reasonably attractive, now she's a fat sow. Look at her pic towards the end of the article.

Jeff Jacoby, the only reasonable writer at the BoGlo (and likely the only one who is not privately sorrowful over Arafat's death) nails fishface perfectly: Arafat the Monster.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton realizes that New York has JEWS and they don't like fishface, and they might remember how she kissed Suha after the sow finished an anti-Semitic diatribe (circa 1999), thus the former First Lady decries Arafat in her remarks. The sicker thing is that anti-Semitic reporter Bob Novak griped about Clintonette's criticism on CNN today.

Also, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade is now calling itself the Yassir Arafat Martyrs' Brigade. No sh*t -- it's been that since its inception considering who really ran it and funded it. Unfortunately, Israel never "martyrized" Arafat when it could, and should, have.

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