Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope all our readers had a great Thanksgiving. The Monk and I have been spending some time with family and friends. We thank you for reading, hope you will continue to do so and tell friends and family about us.

To borrow a format from Neal Boortz, here are a few reading assignments as you recover from the Thanksgiving repast.

1. From the OpinionJournal, on the vendetta the ACLU has against the Boy Scouts.

2. On the deafening roar of silence from Hollywood over the slaughter of Theo Van Gogh.

3. A fifth-grade teacher in California has sued for the right to continue to use the Declaration of Independence in his classroom which the Stevens Creek elementary school has forbidden due to references to God and Christianity in the document. Only in California?

4. On why Porter Goss cleaning house at CIA is good idea. And why 9/11 bill to centralize intelligence is a bad one.

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