Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The moral bankruptcy of the UN

Today's sign of the apocalypse? Nope, just another indication of the moral bankruptcy and fundamental illegitimacy of the UN. Here are the money quotes from the article linked in the title:

Since the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada in 2000, UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which administers "aid" and UN services in Gaza and the West Bank -- TKM] has received $510,000 from the Islamic American Relief Agency, a charity created by the Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA). In October 2004, the US Treasury found that IARA had transferred millions of dollars to terrorist networks run by Osama bin Laden, and has since frozen IARA's assets.

IARA's chief, Mubarak Hamed, is personally accused of raising $5 million for al-Qaida during a fund-raising trip to Sudan and other locations in the Middle East in 2000. UNRWA has so far shown no concern that one of its donors is an al-Qaida sponsor.

Weighing in with a donation of $5,076,000, the Islamic Development Bank is a significant contributor. This bank created and manages the Al Aqsa Fund, found to be a terrorist financial channel linking wealthy Gulf-based terror financiers to Hamas.

The US Treasury has added the Al Aqsa Fund to its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) entities, and the fund has been banned in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Could it be possible that following the closure of the Al Aqsa Fund, the Islamic Development Bank has found UNRWA a safer route to reach Hamas with financial aid? UNRWA's public records of financial sponsors also list a $1,640,000 contribution by a donor registered as the "Saudi Committee." This contributor's full name is the Saudi Arabia Committee for Support of the Intifadat Al Quds, and it has been linked with the funding of a number of Hamas suicide bomb attacks against Israeli civilians.

UNRWA also received $3,538,276 from the Syrian Arab Popular Committee, also known as Popular Committee for Supporting the Intifada. This organization, created by the Syrian Ba'athist government, calls for the continuance of Palestinian attacks against Israel. Committee president Ahmed Abdel Karim has regularly organized rallies in Syria and Lebanon in which activists have called for Israel's destruction.

Don't get confused: the UNRWA is exclusively designed for administering UN succor to Palestinians; other refugees throughout the world receive UN services through the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. So basically the UNRWA takes money from groups that seek to destroy Israel and uses it for services to the Palestinians who have been systematically denied entry and emigration rights into every Arab country in the Middle East. Just more grist for the mill.

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