Friday, November 19, 2004

Stupidity of judges and lawyers

George Orwell said that some ideas are so stupid only an intellectual would believe them. The corollary to that is some decisions are so dumb only a judge would make them. For instance: granting custody of an unrelated child to a registered sex offender. That happened in Minnesota, and the Cap'n is all over the story.

The bare details: woman with three kids, two are from a man who is registered perv after being convicted nine years earlier (recidivism rates do not necessarily decrease over time). Her third child has no relation to him. She is the perv's girlfriend and loses custody because she is an irresponsible fool. Both she AND the ten-watt guardian ad litem (child's attorney) recommend all three kids to live with the perv. Judge DumbAsARock agrees.

And the perv rapes the unrelated girl. Repeatedly.

And the liberal, and immoral, Minnesota Bar Association is defending the judge and guardian ad litem. (HT: Cap'n again).

I actually hope that molesters who go in the brig, serve their time, and are ostracized by society whilst they struggle to stay clean will be able to gain something of a normal life and that their victims will be able to cope. But that does not obviate the fact that the pervs committed HEINOUS crimes and should live with the consequences until their demise. And given the exceedingly high recidivism rates for these sexual deviants, they should NEVER be put in a position of daily access to unrelated children.

The judge and the ad litem are just plain stupid. The former should lose his spot on the bench; the latter should be sacked.

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