Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Summers solution

Star Parker has a wonderful solution to the Summers' controversy:

If truth, rather than politics, is what interests the Harvard faculty, this is what I suggest be done. Convene an inquiry into the proposition that women may not be as genetically disposed to math and science as men. If the result of this inquiry is a conclusion that this might be a possible -- not is the case, but might be possible, which is what Summers suggested -- then the faculty that attacked him is fired. If the inquiry shows that this is not a possibility, then Summers gets fired.

My guess is that Summers would submit to this exercise, but the dissenting faculty members would not. They would not because they know they would lose, and careful courageous inquiry is not what interests them. Their concern is that they maintain political power to advance their preconceived notions about how the world should be.

Click the title to read the rest of Parker's piece especially her reasoning on why "minority" cannot be defined.

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