Saturday, March 05, 2005

How the French libeled the IDF

Wongdoer discussed the myth of how the Israeli Army allegedly targeted a Palestinian pre-teen boy and killed him in the cross-fire of a shootout with Palestinian terrorists in 2000 -- a false story that the Palestinians used to inspire the 2000 Intifada.

The falsity of the story has been uncovered (and proven to a large extent) by reviewing the original video footage of the shootout, which clearly shows that the boy, Mohammed al-Dura, was not within the IDF's line of fire but was instead only within a PALESTINIAN targeting zone. Cliff May has more on both the facts, the efforts of some honest reporters in France to expose the truth, and the efforts by France's government controlled France 2 station, which aired the Palestinian-sided reports of the attack in France, to squelch the investigation.

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