Thursday, March 03, 2005

Accelerant on the fire: Cedar Revolution version

Syria is losing all international cover for its occupation of Lebanon. Both Germany and Russia called for Boy Assad to withdraw Syrian troops from Lebanon. Russia's instruction is especially important:

Recently, Russia has been strengthening ties with Syria, its only ally in the Middle East, and has questioned American claims that Damascus supports terrorism.

When the Syrian president visited Moscow in January, Russia agreed to write off $9.8 billion of Syria's net debt of $13.4 billion. Last month, Moscow agreed to sell short-range anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, despite concerns from Israel and America.

The Syrian hand is so weak, Assad is attempting to link its withdrawal from Lebanon to peace talks to Israel. Thus, Syria would pull out of Lebanon if Israel returns to peace talks with Syria on the theory that: (1) international pressure would be brought on Israel to give up Golan for peace with Syria; (2) Israel would be seen as the obstacle to Lebanese freedom.

Two words: forget it.

The Freedom March continues.

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