Monday, February 28, 2005

Yankee blogging

Our reader Petey, hereinafter "Reader No. 3" (see here for reference), wants to know when we're going to resume bitching about discussing the Yanks. Answer: soon. Once the games that do not count get started in earnest (i.e., the last 15 games before the ones that DO count), we'll probably start mentioning baseball and the Yanks' situation.

As for the most "pressing" issue: Honestly, Barry Bonds' huge head, Jose Canseco's injection history and Jason Giambi's unwillingness to say the word "steroid" have little interest for me. Yes, many players are and were juiced; NO, Mark McGuire was not a steroidal freak (he admitted taking andro, and he was always a big SOB); no, I'm not going to worry about its effects on the game other than the extent that the ridiculous power numbers from 1996-2002 alter Hall of Fame perceptions -- who's worthy, how impressive previous achievements were, etc.

And quite honestly, I'm still so pist at the Yanks for blowing the ALCS that I'm not going to get crazy about baseball just yet. Indeed, the fun of RedSawx misery and keeping the chowderheads down is lost and gone forever. Sigh. Still, as Wongdoer said, it's an acceptable price to pay for not having to say "President Kerry" from now until 2009 or beyond.

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