Monday, February 28, 2005

Mugged by reality

Cinnamon Stillwell, a woman from Marin County, California (one-time home of American Talibanite John Walker Lindh) was mugged by reality and became a 9-11-01 Republican. And here's her description of the ultimate hypocrisy, one that still rankles the Monkette2B:
But more than anything, it was the left's hypocrisy when it came to the war on terrorism that made me turn rightward after 9/11. I remember, back in my liberal days, being fiercely opposed to the Taliban and its brutal treatment of women. Even then, I felt that Afghanistan should immediately be liberated, as Malcolm X once said in another context, by any means necessary. But when it came time, it turned out that the left was mostly opposed to such liberation, whether of the Afghan people or of the Iraqis (especially if America and a Republican president were at the helm).

Read it all.

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