Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Notables of the day

A quick rundown because The Monk's swift look at the 'Net found much good stuff this morning.

First, two articles (from one link! such value The Monk provides) in Wired magazine regarding nuclear power and its advantages for the environment. The Monk, along with more than 11,000 climatologists, believes Global Climate Change (it used to be Global Warming, now it's "Climate Change" -- an Orwellian renaming of a natural phenomenon if ever there was) is a crock. But the Wired reports give a nice rundown on the reasons that we should use nuclear power in the US -- a rarity considering that the last nuke plant to go online in the US did so in 1973.

Next, Ralph Peters on the Iraqi elections. Contrary to the junk that the WaPo and ESPECIALLY the NYT have peddled for the past three days, Peters knows that the Shi'ite win will NOT make Iraq into another Iran:
Dismiss the media nonsense about the Sunni Arab failure to participate invalidating the elections. The Sunni Arabs know they blew it. Their most promising politicians are maneuvering for a role in writing the new constitution. And the Shi'as and Kurds will bring key Sunni Arabs into the process. They know their society better than the pundits do.

You can also disregard the warnings that Iraq will turn into another Iran. Ain't going to happen. The Grand Ayatollah Sistani, Iraq's most revered figure, is well aware that Iran's theocracy has failed miserably — tarnishing the faith he loves. As a result, Sistani has set a rational course that will endure beyond his death.

Other close observers (Mark Steyn, Reuel Gerecht) agree with Peters. If conservatives had said some of the things the Times and WashPost had written, they'd be accused of bigotry for believing that merely because a Shi'ite party led by an imam won the largest number of seats in the Iraqi Congress, the party would rule as hardcore Islamist theocrats. Patrick Ruffini has a breakdown of the Iraqi election results and a pretty map too.

Then, read Zev Chafets on how Pres. Bush has converted Ariel Sharon, in a way.

Those should get you started with more to come.

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