Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Morning roundup

A few tidbits to get you started while the Monk warms up.

Apparently reports that the US is flying drones over Iran's nuclear facilities are causing some disruption. Iranians are reporting scores of sightings. My immediate thought is how interesting would it be for the Delta Force to send up hundreds of high altitude mylar balloons and see if the Iranians launch a few missles.

The Navy will christen its third Seawolf attack submarine Jimmy Carter. I suppose one can't complain too much about that, he was qualified for submarines and was President. Just a bit weird..."We got trouble in the Straits of Taiwan. Send in Jimmy Carter!" HT: Drudge

Former Delaware governor Pete du Pont has an excellent article on Social Security calling it Socialism's Last Redoubt.
Ultimately the argument isn't about investment accounts, or stocks or bonds or "gambling" or "insecurity." It is about socialism versus individualism, about Attlee's social justice and Hillary's common good and Chomsky's economic solidarity. AARP CEO William Novelli is in favor of allowing the government to invest Social Security surplus funds in the stock market, but against allowing individuals to do so--exactly the socialist argument, that government should control the distribution of the nation's wealth.

When you increase an individual's wealth, he becomes less dependent on government, and his attitude towards government changes. Socialists can't allow that, for it erodes their fundamental principle that social justice can only be achieved when important segments of the economy are under government control.

And that is why today's very liberal Democratic Party is so vehemently arguing against personal ownership of Social Security market accounts. The government's Social Security system is socialism's last redoubt, and must be preserved at all costs.

The comedian Chris Rock made this comment during a comedy routine:

"Abortion, it's beautiful, it's beautiful abortion is legal. I love going to an abortion rally to pick up women, cause you know they are f*!@*%g,"

National Review Online has short, punchy post on how abortion demeans and sexually objectifies women. I am not sure I entirely agree with it but its worth a look.

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