Friday, February 25, 2005

Tidbits 25Feb05

1. Victor Davis Hanson's article today is an overview of the liberal (small 'l') critique of the US over the past century. To wit: "It's America's fault", "America is weak", "Our enemies are indefatigable"...

Hanson makes a bold prediction in summary:

By the end of this year, formerly critical liberal pundits, backsliding conservative columnists, once-fiery politicians, Arab "moderates," ex-statesmen and generals emeriti, smug stand-up comedians, recently strident Euros — perhaps even Hillary herself — will quietly come to a consensus that what we are witnessing from Afghanistan and the West Bank to Iraq and beyond, with its growing tremors in Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, and the Gulf, is a moral awakening, a radical break with an ugly past that threatens a corrupt, entrenched, and autocratic elite and is just the sort of thing that they were sort of for, sort of all along — sort of...

2. Ward Churchill's firing offense? Apart from being a mad ranting misanthrope, 'Professor' Ward Churchill has been found, incontrovertibly, as a plagiarizer, a cardinal sin in academic circles. (yes, even the lefty ones) He baldfacedly copied artwork and sold it under his own moniker. Check it out yourself here. HT: LGF.

3. Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review Online catches Harvard constitutional law giant Laurence Tribe in presenting fantasy as fact. This isn't the crude theft of a Ward Churchill but venal and unnecessary.

4. It's Jay Nordlinger and I'm a fan. Nordlinger laments the activist victory over Wal-Mart in preventing Wal-mart's first NYC store from opening in Rego Park, Queens. Let's not mince words, Wal-mart is very tough on the local competition but it also brings in a huge variety of goods at exceptional prices which is damned good for the poor and the lower middle class. It's employees, many of whom are retirees, from personal experience, tend to give service that would shame the employees of most chain stores.

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